Sequel typically invests in profitable middle market businesses in its focus areas which have successful track records, growth potential and high quality management. We focus on companies in sectors where we have industry knowledge and experience and where we believe we can create meaningful, long term value.

Investment Parameters

We typically invest in companies and structure our investments within the following parameters:

  • Enterprise values between $25 and $125 million
  • EBITDA greater than $4 million
  • Operations primarily in the United States
  • Preferred and common equity securities
  • Primarily control investments, but will consider non-control structures with like-minded investors
Industry Focus

We focus our investment efforts primarily in the following industries:

  • Food and beverage
  • Agribusiness
  • Plastics and specialty materials
Characteristics of Target Investments

Sequel concentrates on businesses that manufacture and/or distribute a tangible product in industries where the risks associated with technological change or cyclicality are mitigated. We generally look for the following attributes:

  • Historical profitability
  • Revenue and earnings growth potential
  • Defensible market position
  • Resistance to dramatic economic cycles
  • Growing markets with solid fundamentals and trends
  • Strong management teams
Transaction Structures

Sequel provides flexible operating, strategic and financial solutions to meet the business needs of owners, management teams and other stakeholders. Our transactions may include:

  • Buy-outs (primarily control)
  • Management-led recapitalizations
  • Growth capital
  • Acquisitions of divisions and subsidiaries
  • Corporate spin-outs