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Sequel Holdings, L.P. Announces Expansion of Investment and Operating Capabilities
Apr. 28, 2011

Sequel Holdings, L.P. is pleased to announce the recent addition of Ron Klein, Managing Director, and Lynn Rundle, Operating Partner, to its team.

Ron Klein brings more than 16 years of experience in investment banking, strategic planning and corporate development, having completed over 70 mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances. Mr. Klein has also held top operating responsibilities at Dean Foods Company, most recently leading its cultured products division.  In his capacity as Managing Director, Mr. Klein will lead Sequel's efforts to source and execute middle market transactions in the food and beverage arena.

Lynn Rundle, most recently founder and CEO of 21st Century Grain Processing, a leading specialty grain-based ingredient manufacturer, has spent nearly 30 years in the agriculture and food ingredient industries.  Mr. Rundle has devoted his career to promoting agriculture and identifying opportunities for producers.  He has acted as an educator, leader and executive for various producer associations, as well as a business developer and entrepreneur, responsible for the creation of several successful value-added agribusinesses.  In his role as Operating Partner with Sequel, Mr. Rundle will concentrate his efforts on identifying investment opportunities in the agribusiness and related food products sectors and lending his expertise in growing and creating value in these businesses.

John Madden, Managing Partner of Sequel Holdings, stated, "We are excited about the addition of both Lynn and Ron to our team.  Their complementary skill sets and depth of experience will increase our capability to identify attractive businesses, execute transactions, and work with management teams to create shareholder value. Lynn's long history of operational success in the agribusiness sector demonstrates his deep knowledge of the industry as well as his ability to build talented teams and execute successful market strategies. Ron brings a unique background, with vast experience in mergers and acquisitions in the food and beverage industry, combined with strategic planning and operational experience. Sequel is fortunate to have the opportunity to add professionals of this caliber, with their depth of experience, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to success."

Lynn Rundle commented, "As CEO of 21st Century Grain Processing, I had the opportunity to work closely with Sequel Holdings after its investment in the company in 2006.  Sequel was a true value-adding partner in our business, helping us strategically position the company and grow sales over threefold, ultimately realizing significant value for our stakeholders through the recent sale of the business to Viterra, Inc. I am excited to be part of a team that can work with management to add value at each stage of the growth process and enable companies to achieve their strategic goals."

Ron Klein added, "I am pleased to be joining forces with Sequel Holdings at this time.  Sequel's focus and knowledge of the food and beverage sectors makes it uniquely qualified to identify companies that can benefit from the capital and other business enhancing resources it provides.  I look forward to contributing to Sequel's proven track record of success."

Sequel also announced that it is working together with Falcon Investment Advisors to modify their existing relationship. Madden stated, "We have had a long-standing and successful affiliation with Falcon and its principals for almost 20 years.  We intend to continue our affiliation and work together with Falcon to identify investment opportunities in middle market businesses where we have industry experience and knowledge.  Going forward, we will determine, on a case by case basis, whether to invest in businesses jointly or separately, giving us additional flexibility to meet the needs of specific transactions."

About Sequel Holdings, L.P.

Sequel Holdings is a Dallas-based private equity firm focused on investing in and growing lower middle market companies, primarily in the food, beverage, agribusiness, and plastics/specialty materials sectors.  For more information on Sequel, please see our website at