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Sequel Holdings Realizes Investment in J&J Family of Farms - Sale Marks Second Exited Investment in Fund II
May. 08, 2019
DALLAS, TX, - Sequel Holdings announced that in May 2019 it sold J&J Family of Farms (J&J) after seven years of stewardship.
J&J, now owned by Benson Hill Biosystems, is a year-round grower, marketer, and shipper of fresh produce, including primarily “warm season” vegetables with a core focus on bell peppers, cucumbers, green beans and squash. J&J serves both foodservice and retail accounts throughout the U.S.
Michael Crow, Partner - Chief Financial Officer of Sequel Holdings, said “We are pleased that Sequel’s support helped the company enter into new alliances with growers, add depth to the management team, adjust its operating model to meet the needs of its customers, and execute against a strategic growth plan.
About Sequel Holdings, L.P.
Sequel Holdings is a Dallas-based private equity firm founded in 2002. Sequel specializes in making control equity investments in profitable lower middle market businesses, focused primarily on the food & beverage industry, as well as select opportunities in the agribusiness, and plastics & specialty materials sectors.